RT Correspondent Donald Courter visits Russia’s COVID vaccine production facility. – procrisis.ru

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020 – Russian scientists made history by developing a COVID-19 vaccine effective enough to be approved by the country’s Ministry of Health for mass production.

The West accused Russia of jumping the gun in approving this new vaccine, nicknamed “Sputnik V”, since Phase III of clinical trials have yet to be completed.

However, several things should be made clear:

1) The initial stages of human testing were completed without any side effects worse than a temporary fever and test volunteers all showed high levels of Coronavirus fighting antibodies after receiving the vaccine.

2) The vaccine itself is only comprised of two biological elements – a) Dead coronavirus + b) Adenovirus (common cold strain) which triggers “an immune response similar to that caused by the coronavirus itself,” according to Vadim Tarasov – Top Scientist at Moscow’s Sechenov University.

3) The vaccine will be available free of charge to the general public only AFTER the completion of phase III testing – in accordance with international rules surrounding vaccine development. Before that moment arrives, the vaccine will be available to people of high risk demographics (medical workers, teachers, and the elderly).

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