[4:40 subtitle error, March 23 instead of February 23] Vladimir Putin held a video meeting on increasing vaccine production and the course of vaccination against COVID-19 in Russia. The President thanked the representatives of pharmaceutical companies, who present at the meeting, manufacturers of vaccines for the truly dedicated work of those.
Putin stressed the significant role of the implementation of a wide range of preventive and proactive measures in normalizing the epidemiological situation, including mass vaccination.
The success of Russian scientists and specialists is also confirmed by the growing geography of the use of Sputnik V, despite the deliberate discrediting of the Russian vaccine.
Government agencies in Mexico and Argentina analyzed the use of the Russian vaccine on their territory and concluded that there were no side effects.
Well, and finally the long-awaited news for many – tomorrow, on March 23, Vladimir Putin to take Russian Coronavirus Vaccine.
Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that Putin will take one of three Russian-made coronavirus vaccines, without specifying. He added that Putin’s vaccination will not be a public.
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