Delhi Riots: Single Mothers Speak Out about Sexual Violence in Bhagirathi Vihar, Shiv Vihar –

Single mothers Shanno and Ayat tell Mojo that they were ruthlessly molested by rioters and both were saved by other men. [Both have agreed to their first names being used.] They come from Bhagirathi Vihar and Shiv Vihar and both women haven’t been back home since their escape. Shanno says she knows the men in her neighbourhood who attacked her and manhandled her like she was an object. Ayat showed Mojo her scars from the nails of these men and said she and her children were starving by the time she was rescued from her house by paramilitary forces.

They also say there are many other women who have experienced sexual violence in these riots but they’re silent. Because media will leave, police won’t help and they will only lose their honour by speaking out.


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